Political AIDS

Thank God the body is a Fascist dictatorship and not a liberal democracy.



Doing the Jobs We Won’t Do

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between host and parasite and asked the question many years ago, “Does the parasite attach itself to the host or does the host attach itself to the parasite?” I don’t like victim mentality. I have no time for it. There’s always a pay off somewhere in any abusive relationship and I couldn’t help notice the succinct symbolic truth in the globalist mantra which constantly rams down our throats that, “Immigrants and illegals do the jobs that we won’t.” Think about that for a second and hear what it is actually saying and then take a long, hard look in the mirror. Not only are there certain types of labour which a lot of whites think below them but we have also become so civilised that we no longer possess the necessary barbarity to do the jobs that need to be done like getting rid of our own human trash. An organism that does not excrete it’s own waste, dies.


Safe Spaces

It doesn’t really matter what one thinks of President Trump. What he did manage to do successfully was show up just how corrupt and irrelevant the mainstream media is and more importantly, just how fucked up the liberal left is. The snowflake and cupcake SJW’s losing any semblance of sanity was absolutely wonderful to behold. From Triggly Puff to Moldy Locks, the meme wars have been stupendous and it has been the right who won this war hands down as the left lost their sense of humour. They have become everything that they despise and they will manifest everything that they fear in their delusional little indoctrinated minds. This cartoon I created for all those little SJW snowflakes who needed a safe space when they realised for the first time that there are actually other people out there with different opinions to theirs and that these people elected a president of their own choice.

Safe Space