The Evil in your Living Room

A recent cartoon about the degenerate effects of mainstream media commissioned by one of my loyal patrons in the USA. I also created a second one for those more conscious of the Jewish Question. So one is for the more introductory conservative market and criticises the surface level while the other goes beneath the surface to reveal what lies behind the problem.

MSM TV with TextJEW TV with text


Rainbows and Lollipops

South African politics bores me to tears. The average white South African has about as much political acumen as a pot plant. Childishly they voted YES and gave away their country in 1992  to a Marxist terrorist organisation called the ANC headed up by Nelson Mandela and somehow actually believed that suddenly we were all going to live together in perfect harmony holding hands around the camp fires at night singing various renditions of Khumbaya my Lord as one big happy rainbow nation. Despite being warned that this would lead to disaster, uncontrollable crime, economic implosion and rampant corruption, they buried their heads in the sand, determined to believe in a world of rainbows and lollipops and now that Nelson Mandela and then Thabo Mbeki paved the way for Jacob Zuma who is probably one of the single most corrupt politicians on the planet, they suddenly take to the streets demanding that he resign and then actually think that they’ve done something. I got so sick and tired of the short sighted and childish stupidity of blaming Jacob Zuma for the troubles of South Africa that I decided to create this cartoon as a parody on another controversial cartoon by South African political cartoonist, Jonathan Shapiro, in which he showed south Africa being raped by Zuma. To me Zuma is the symptom and not the cause. The cause can only be seen by taking a damn hard look in the mirror.


Free Speech is the new Nazism

Recently in South Africa, at Stellenbosch University, two posters were put up on campus which displayed propaganda imagery from old Third Reich posters but all swastikas and any references to national Socialism were removed and replaced with a different flag and symbol. The posters were up for less than an hour but somehow managed to trigger the sensitive feelz of little snowflakes so badly that within 24 hours it became world news. Keep in mind that in South Africa, whites are raped and murdered on a daily basis while their president happily sings “KIll the Boer” and “Bring me my machine gun” while blaming whites for all the problems caused by his corrupt regime.

Yet this same university which had absolutely no problem with having speakers on their campus who openly called for the genocide of white South Africans and hosting organisations whose slogan is “One Settler, One Bullet,” suddenly found themselves morally outraged to such an extent by two posters depicting healthy young white people, that the young man who was responsible for these posters was immediately censored from speaking and suspended until his hearing in which they are aiming to expel him.

I decided to draw a cartoon of this event as it struck me that something historically significant was happening here. I couldn’t help but think of the recent Youtube clip I saw of a young man holding up a sign saying that the right to debate ideas is something that should be fought for and being attacked by leftist liberals calling him Nazi scum and so I held up a mirror and showed the university and it’s liberal and oh so tolerant left wing students as acting in exactly the same manner as the thing which they so despise. Whatever ugliness they have mistakenly projected onto National Socialism, they have come to embody themselves. Stellenbosch University is also known as “Maties” so I included a little play on words by calling them ‘Mazis.’

I also re-adapted on of my older cartoons for this occasion using the hatred of the tolerant liberal theme again.

MatiesDean Cartoon

Safe Spaces

It doesn’t really matter what one thinks of President Trump. What he did manage to do successfully was show up just how corrupt and irrelevant the mainstream media is and more importantly, just how fucked up the liberal left is. The snowflake and cupcake SJW’s losing any semblance of sanity was absolutely wonderful to behold. From Triggly Puff to Moldy Locks, the meme wars have been stupendous and it has been the right who won this war hands down as the left lost their sense of humour. They have become everything that they despise and they will manifest everything that they fear in their delusional little indoctrinated minds. This cartoon I created for all those little SJW snowflakes who needed a safe space when they realised for the first time that there are actually other people out there with different opinions to theirs and that these people elected a president of their own choice.

Safe Space

Fight for France

I was recently commissioned by a patron to create this cartoon calling on the French to resist the invasion of their country and vote Le Pen. It could probably be re-adapted to suit many different countries facing the same threat. It’s a re-adaptation of an old WW1 French poster warning about the danger of the Germans and calling upon the French to defend the homeland.

French cartoon