On the Seventh Day…

Something offensive just for shits and giggles. That said, if I ever do meet God, he’s got some explaining to do.

7th Day



Doing the Jobs We Won’t Do

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between host and parasite and asked the question many years ago, “Does the parasite attach itself to the host or does the host attach itself to the parasite?” I don’t like victim mentality. I have no time for it. There’s always a pay off somewhere in any abusive relationship and I couldn’t help notice the succinct symbolic truth in the globalist mantra which constantly rams down our throats that, “Immigrants and illegals do the jobs that we won’t.” Think about that for a second and hear what it is actually saying and then take a long, hard look in the mirror. Not only are there certain types of labour which a lot of whites think below them but we have also become so civilised that we no longer possess the necessary barbarity to do the jobs that need to be done like getting rid of our own human trash. An organism that does not excrete it’s own waste, dies.


TV Makes You Dumb

Generally I don’t like to do the whole american bashing thing too much because basically nearly every nation with access to TV has been Americanised to some extent and thus the criticisms now apply to us all but my American patron commissioned me to create this cartoon as a criticism of the average Murkan. I guess those who love their own people are also the most critical of their own people.

Addicts cartoon