Farstar88 is a Fascist artist from South Africa who specialises in political cartoons as well as comics in order to provide a much needed narrative that is ruthlessly suppressed and excluded from mainstream consciousness. In a world of political correctness gone completely insane, telling a contrary story even if it is more than sufficiently backed up by facts, is considered an act of aggression and the victims apparently are those whose feelings get hurt when they can’t have their way.


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  2. You’re artwork is very professional, Farstar88. As the American author of the white nationalist novel, “Hold Back This Day” (a tale that is set in a future South Africa about one hundred years from now) I have often wondered if having a full “comic book” version of it might not be successful. I believe it’s a story that would easily adapt to such a treatment. You definitely have the artistic talent for such a project.

    Ward Kendall,
    author of “Hold Back This Day”, “Eternity Beach”, “The Towers of Eden”


    • Hi Ward,

      Pleased to have made your acquaintance. I have not heard of your work but will now definitely look it up. I do believe such a graphic novel concept could indeed be highly successful but it requires quite an investment to get it kickstarted as comic art production is pretty time intensive. Perhaps we should correspond in private and see if there’s a way to work together on something. I’ll send you an e-mail shortly as I am looking for someone to write a script for me.

      Best wishes


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