Unhealthy Boundaries

For some strange reason, the left and their new age spiritual lackeys just cannot seem to get their heads around the notion of healthy boundaries.

MSM Border Control


2 thoughts on “Unhealthy Boundaries

  1. Farstar, did you see the news recently?
    Lauren Southern along with Brittany Pettibone are banned from entering the United Kingdom due to their “racist” and “extreme right wing” views.

    I really don’t know what’s going on. Clearly the country has got its priorities wrong. This picture could not actually depict more accurately what’s going on, even though it was published in 2017 June.
    Can you create another artwork to illustrate this current event, please? Would be appreciated.
    I came onto this website after what has happened to the two ladies being denied entry to the UK. They have not done any acts of terror or violence whatsoever.
    Fuck this.


    • Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I did see that ridiculous fiasco regarding Lauren Southern. There was also another incident recently involving some British female journalist who visited South Africa to research the black on white farm murders here and she also had some issues leaving SA and I believe also faced some problems back home in the UK. The world has indeed gone completely insane and yes, I shall consider you cartoon proposal.


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