Free Speech is the new Nazism

Recently in South Africa, at Stellenbosch University, two posters were put up on campus which displayed propaganda imagery from old Third Reich posters but all swastikas and any references to national Socialism were removed and replaced with a different flag and symbol. The posters were up for less than an hour but somehow managed to trigger the sensitive feelz of little snowflakes so badly that within 24 hours it became world news. Keep in mind that in South Africa, whites are raped and murdered on a daily basis while their president happily sings “KIll the Boer” and “Bring me my machine gun” while blaming whites for all the problems caused by his corrupt regime.

Yet this same university which had absolutely no problem with having speakers on their campus who openly called for the genocide of white South Africans and hosting organisations whose slogan is “One Settler, One Bullet,” suddenly found themselves morally outraged to such an extent by two posters depicting healthy young white people, that the young man who was responsible for these posters was immediately censored from speaking and suspended until his hearing in which they are aiming to expel him.

I decided to draw a cartoon of this event as it struck me that something historically significant was happening here. I couldn’t help but think of the recent Youtube clip I saw of a young man holding up a sign saying that the right to debate ideas is something that should be fought for and being attacked by leftist liberals calling him Nazi scum and so I held up a mirror and showed the university and it’s liberal and oh so tolerant left wing students as acting in exactly the same manner as the thing which they so despise. Whatever ugliness they have mistakenly projected onto National Socialism, they have come to embody themselves. Stellenbosch University is also known as “Maties” so I included a little play on words by calling them ‘Mazis.’

I also re-adapted on of my older cartoons for this occasion using the hatred of the tolerant liberal theme again.

MatiesDean Cartoon


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