Sex Grooming UK

This cartoon was so explicit that even Stormfront deleted it. I don’t believe in that approach at all. This is such a terrible subject that I feel it needs to be splashed into the readers face in the most explicit manner possible. The spineless, limp wristed UKIP also went over the top in an attack on me in their attempt to scurry away, falling over themselves to distance themselves from this cartoon. Ironically, a few months later the sexual attacks occurred in Cologne on New year’s Eve where thousands of white German girls were assaulted by hordes of Middle eastern immigrants and this cartoon suddenly went viral as the prophetic nature of the cartoon was vindicated.

Sex grooming UK


6 thoughts on “Sex Grooming UK

  1. Used your cartoon on my own site, and gave a link upon another.

    Bit pointed, but one possible error needs attention. As I stated, I don’t believe Nigel’s trousers are ever as wrinkled as that depicted. Its always better to ge the small things correct, as the big things look after themselves.


    • Ha ha! Nice one Mike. I looked at your blog and started following you now. Feel free to contact me anytime should you have an issue that requires a cartoon and I’ll see if I can find time for it.


  2. You, sir, are awesome!
    Keep up the good work.
    I only found this image in fragments or cropped version until I finally found this full version on this site.

    Might I suggest you could accept donations in Bitcoins, Litecoins or Darkcoins, so you can receive tips on a regular basis without being blocked.
    This is by far the best cartoon I’ve seen so far. I will treasure it.

    Due to persecution, I cannot openly condone or talk about this topic.


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