Hello world! Time for a Blog

Some of my cartoons are too controversial to post on forums. Even extreme ones. So after many years I’ve finally decided to create my own space where I can showcase them. Hope you enjoy and most of all, please share the fuck out of these cartoons. Viral is good.


The Best a Lamb Can Get

Recently in South Africa, a bunch of radical black activists ritually slaughtered a sheep on Clifton Beach in Cape Town in a publicity stunt aimed at driving out the spirit of racism from the beach. Yes, you read that right in the current year. Fuck you leftists. I can use your terms as well. Anyway, Clifton is a super wealthy area filled with shallow, materialistic, virtue signalling liberals who sell their fellow whites out because they can buy their Apartheid. A vast number of top business execs live here and the beach is their playground so I was really happy to see the savages descend upon their soft, pampered little lives and shove their savagery right in their smug faces. When the Gillette debacle broke, I couldn’t help myself. lamb

Troys Will Be Troys

This whole Gillette fiasco has been a very interesting one to watch unfold. There is so much material to work with that one almost runs the risk of using too many symbols and saying too much. Without going into the whole history of the attack on white civilisation and the concomitant masculinity necessary to uphold it, the one thing I noticed the most among surface level thinkers is that none of them can see the harm in the ad. Without going into what indeed is dangerous in the ad here on my blog right now, I could help but think of the hook inside a worm used as bait for catching fish. Or the mythology of the Trojan horse. So I had some fun with words and symbolism.


Liberal Fundamentalism

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Jeong, you really should Google her. An Asian SJW type writer who writes for the New York Times. She constantly says the most horrendous things about white people and white men in particular but somehow the NYT who is always pushing for so-called diversity, somehow condones it and defends her. In doing this cartoon about here, I came up with a term which I hope will catch on and that we used it mercilessly when dealing with them. I call it Liberal Fundamentalism and in this cartoon I attempt to demonstrate the same narrow bigotry found in all fundamentalisms.

Liberal Fundamentalism

Mike the Moor

There are many icons for the derangement of the left and all of them are ridiculously ugly and so obviously dysfunctional. Michael Moore epitomises everything ugly, dysfunctional and hypocritical about the left so I reckon I’m going to pick on him a lot from now. I think I’ll call him Mike the Moor and in this particular cartoon we can clearly see where the priorities of the deranged and fanatical left are.

Mike the Moor Portrait